trannycloset: I’ve been lusting over Emma Watson, Emma Watson as…


I’ve been lusting over Emma Watson, Emma Watson as a secret tranny with a big fat wand for me to suck.

Imagine that pretty face and that accent welcoming you home when you’re tired from work straight to a blowjob. As she sucks your cock you notice something bulging between her legs and you pop the undies off just to reveal that big, throbbing monster cock and you know the look in her eyes when she wants you to suck it too.

I sit her on a chair then kneel in front of her, lick her balls to the tip of her cock again and again until I can’t hold the urge to suck it whole, balls deep anymore feeling it hardening more and more inside my mouth. When she gets hard enough I’d ask her to bend me over and fuck me in the ass first missionary, doggy style, cowgirl and every other possible position. When she says she’s about to cum I’ll make sure I get off her cock even though I love it so much in my ass just to give her the pleasure of shooting her spunk in my mouth and I’ll play with it for a while before swallowing it.

Of course after she cums, I’d love to fuck her next and she’ll scream “YES, YES DADDY YES!” with her cute british accent until I cum on her mouth, kiss her and cum swap with her.

Oh God I jizzed while writing this again.